Learning to design in HTML
Javascript Sites
CGI Progamming Sites
Shareware Sites
Helpful Listservs
Learning to design in HTML
The big mistake people make when coding webpages is they never take the time to learn how to design the page. These are the sites of people who want to help you do just that.

Creating Killer Web Sites
Network Communication Design

Javascript Sites
A large part of learning javascript is knowing who to steal from. These are my favorite places to learn.

Javascript Tip of the Week
Timothy's Javascript Examples
CGI Programming Sites
Most places charge big bucks to give you a CGI script. These cool people are giving them away for free. All you have to do is figure out how to make them work on your server. No easy task but think of it as a learning experience.

Selena Sol's CGI Script Archive
Matt's Script Archive
There's nothing cooler than shareware... unless its freeware! Go to these sites for fun and cheap additions to your software inventory.

The INFO-MAC Hyperarchive
Lists are the bomb! If you have an HTML or design problem and wish you had someone to ask or if you just like to schmooze. Join a listserv and you will find find a bevy of great folks willing to help you out. Here are a few that I have found fun and informative.

The Web Design List
The WWWAC list
Director Web