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"Originally, Shari"

If I should Lose My Sight

If I should lose my sight
never to see flowers bloom again,
sweet, fragrant, colorful, solft.

Never to see childs face,
sweet, innocent, provocative, curious.

Never to see rain or snow fall
Watch children on a sunny day in a grassy meadow. 
Watch autumn turn to winter, winter-spring, spring-summer. 

Never to see pop-corn pop, to see a flickering fire, to see dew in the morning 
or to watch the ones I love grow old. 

I guess I would keep on living.
No matter what you lose you always have something to give. 


If ever there was a time when
I needed love It was when I met you.

If ever there was a time when
I was beside my self in who to
to turn to, I met you.

Now that I have you
times no longer become hard
I no longer have to wish for
love now that I have you
I have all the love I need

Eternally yours
Shari Richards


Blackness swarming over the country side. A black mist 
dipping here and there
spreading far and wide.

Your blackness spread over me like a blanket 
on a cool night,
dipped in the crevaces of my body
here and there, like the dew that falls on the
early morning.

Your blackness rising up like the sun, east to west, 
slowly but surely, off to embark on new horizons 
only to return and spread
your blackness.

My Valentine Vows

Just to say I love you would be normal and plain, Just to say I care, 
would be love by another name. 

On this day of days of love and hearts, be my 
Valentine even when we are apart.

After this day has come and gone
and the hearts are put away
Remember that youre in my heart
even after Valentines day.


I love you because like God
you might not be there when I
want you to
But youll be there when I
need you to

I love you because you are
what I think of
night and day
and of trying to make you
happy in every
I think of how precious you
really are.

Even though weve really never met,
beauty is in the eye of the
and hansom is as handsome
I love just because. . . . . . . . . .


In the unspoken language of body
I could tell you many things
I could tell you about the
people in my short
but long life
I could tell of deciding matters
of my lifetime

I could tell you love comes
in many
and forms
Love stands for many things.

In the unspoken language of body
You could tell me how you
You could tell me about your
life, past

If at any point in time, I need someone
to lean on,
I know you are there.

If there was a choice between
everything I could ever
and you, there would be no

I would want you.

The Perfect Love

Lord so high above, please send me a perfect love to care for me 
and make me smile, to keep me happy all the while.

I need someone who wants me for right, wrong, happy sad, pleased or depressed. 
Someone who will never try to sway my ways and be satisfied with our decisions. 
I need someone who will take me for what I am. Not one he could make break or control.

Someone who treats me like glass and doesnt want to touch me would never do because 
touching is the best communication.

I also like to be teased and criticized but not about things I am sensitive about.

Someone who doesnt just want me around for sex, but for ove, fun, excitement, 
and adventure. 
Doing thins we like to do.
This is what I call a perfect

Special Love

Once I asked the Lord above
to send me a perfect love.
Someone to love me for what I am
not what I have.
To want me for more than sex
just to hang around,
But to love
Someone to love and cherish,
and not to share.
God sent me you.

The Sunshine of My Life

The Sunshine of My Life
is not an actor, a playboy, a sex
symbol Not Famous
He doesnt stand out in a crowd
Hes not perfect in world standard
Hes not a walking Rock of Gibralter.
He is not rich He is not poor.
He is not irresistible He is not innocent 
With all the things he is not, I
know you wonder what he is
He is sweet He is clean
He is intelligent He is neat
He is considerate. He is hones.
He is caring He is loving
He is me.
He is worth something
All the things the Sunshine of My
Life is, is important.
The things he is not, is not.

Can You?

You can never feel the way I feel
You can never see the things Ive
seen not go the palces Ibe been.
You can, but may never see the
faces Ive seen wet with tears
wrinkled with laughter.
You may never hear the voices
Ive heard telling stories of days
long past Happy & sad.
You may never know what a person
feels for you
You may never
hold the hands
wipe the tears
pat the backs
or give words of reassurance
You may never say
Things will get better
You may never
have nightmares of dreams
of beauty.
You may never fall in love
Or be hurt by something
said or done.
You may never clap in church
or wish you were there.
Now not ever do I expect anyone
else to do things Ive done
or go places Ive been. You may never
do any of these things yet-you may never- be-alive

Present, Future

This feeling within
when I see or hear you
I dont know wheter it will
of it it is true.
with the days that come & go
each makes me miss you so.
I cant guarantee that well
go all the way but together
for now we will stay.
If all the newness fades away
and never are times happy or gay
apart we will float away.
If we part when time goes by
we may sit and cry
remembering the love that was
left behind that lingers on
within our minds


If life was just for us to live,
wed be here all alone
Life is to be shared, one to
Reach beyond
your farthest dreams and touch
upon the most
incredible of fantasies include
the abilities of love & care
and life will not be in vain.

For if life was just for
you to live,
youd be here all alone.

Run away Child

Chorus:	Run Away Child so free and wild
wont you give your self a chance?
Run Away Child in the wind & flowers
To the music cant you dance?

My full hearts devotion
My quickly involved emotions
I didnt understand
I started to deman
Youd be mine, till the end of time
but how did I know it would be so?

When first I met you
I knew Id never forget you
But later when love,
was coming to me
you decided to run wild run free.

(Spoken) Night after Night memories
of you and I become more vivid more real than reality itself I often wonder
if we could have been real to each
other Or if your insight is better
Maybe we didnt have a chance
Or did we?
(Chorus 3)

"A Humorous Unseen Scene
Julius Caesar"
Shari Richards

Act 2, Scene 1 1/2, Rome

Bruces orchard minutes after Bruce (Brutus) has sent Pat (Portia) into the house.

Pat: Bruce, why dont you come into the house? I know you like friends 
over, and are upset when they leave, but it is pitch dark out there and they had 
sense enough to put on coats! Youre out here in your PJs staring out into space! 
Are you loony? Now I know you and your buddies were out here shooting craps and 
you probably lost all your money, but whos problem is that They were probably 
cheating and youre just a sucker for the game.

Bruce: (To the heavens)	O ye Gods, why doeth I think thee wife
worthy? She spendth the money, runs up the phone bill, and wears pink fuzzy 
rollers in her hair to bed! And a mud pack yet! 

Pat: Bruce, I must look beautiful for you! 

Bruce: (To himself) That would be a miracle. 

Pat: What did you say?

Bruce: Nothing. (turning toward the house) Lucius! Lucius! 

Lucius:	(Entering)	Yes, my lord?

Bruce: Bring me a glass, and a pitcher of water. 

Lucius:	Yes my lord? (He starts to leave and turns back around)
With ice my lord?

Bruce: With ice! Now go!

Lucius: Yes my lord. (Exiting)

Pat: Look Bruce, whats on your mind? Youre wandering around like a cat 
thats been through the spin and rinse cycle twice. Now what is it? 

Bruce: (Looking out into the garden) Arent the Marigolds beautiful? 

Pat: Dummy! They havent bloomed yet! Its winter. 

Bruce: Improvising, just improvising.

Pat: Bruse, stop ignoring me! Now I want to know whats going on, or Im 

Bruce: (slightly peeved) I didnt want you in the first place! 

(Pat in humiliation turns to go out, but bumps into Lucius and the tray he 
is carrying. In anger Pat snatches the glass off the tray and throws it at Bruce.
 He ducks it and follows her into the living room. He grabs her by her arm 
 and turns her around to face him.)

Pat: (Spitefully) Let go of me you - you unworthy dog! 
(Mockingly)	If you cant get it from your friends youd try to
take it from your wife, is that it?

Bruce: (Arrogantly) I wouldnt waste my time! 

Pat: (Struggling and sarcastically) They must have been the wrong 
friends, it that it?

Bruce: (tightening his grip) No smart elic, they came to tell me of the 
conspiracy to---

Pat: (Letting her go)	No. Something more important than your get this,
grab that $1200 sale you go to everyday rain or shine. (sitting on the couch)

Pat: What then? (sitting next to him) Tell me, please? 
(Placing her chubby face on his shoulder trying to be sexy.) 

Bruce: (looking at the sky) Of killing Julius. (looking down toward the 
floor) I joined the conspiracy.

Pat: (As she rose from the couch she shrieked, then pulled herself 
together.) Youll be killed! And Ill say youll deserve it. (She storms 
out and slambs the dor. Bruce jumps and faces the direction that she went.
 The scene fades out.)